a hoopy frood

always knows where his towel is

that's the way things go when you elevate mediocre people to positions of authority

SIMPLY, NAME: Danielle
BIRTHDAY: June 4th '93
GENDER: Female.
LOCATION: Upstate NY. I'm so tired of being an American. I want to move to somewhere cool, like Norway or Singapore or Egypt or New Zealand.
ETHNICITY: White, primarily. No one knows what kind of white in my family anymore, no one's been keeping track. A small proportion Native American (Cherokee). Not enough to matter. Not enough to earn me any scholarships. I have a sort of exotic look, I hear, my eyes particularly, so my idea of fun is to lie about my ethnicity to people and see if they believe me.
My favorite is telling people I'm native Hawaiian. I told a kid once I was a quarter Japanese, and he still believes me. I find that people are very gullible.
SEXUALITY: Bisexual.
PERSONALITY: INFJ. Ambivert. My moods are pretty moderate. I don't typically get extremely sad or angry, but I also rarely get really happy or passionate. I'm one of them thinker-types you hear about on the news nowadays.
I'm that new brand of nerdy kid, the kind that's popular while being nerdy. I'm a leader without people realizing they're being led. Persuasive. ;] "Mature or childish?" "Yes."
HOBBIES: I dance, swim, and martial art when it comes to athletics. Creatively, I'm a big fan of reading, writing, drawing, and playing and listening to music. I'm in marching band - I play percussion, and specialize in mallet percussion. I used to play piano. I make mix CDs when I have the time. I play video games. like a gamer I rarely watch television on the actual television anymore, but I do that too. I'm super into politics.
QUIRKS: I hate wearing shoes, and I adore socks. I walk around school wearing socks, because I'm just that chill. I also have a wide collection of very cool socks. I curl up all the time. In a little ball, with my arms around my knees. If you ask me why, I'd say because I'm most comfortable that way. Others might claim I have a subconscious desire to climb back into the womb. I play this game with myself sometimes when I'll come up with a word, and then I'll challenge myself to come up with as many synonyms as possible of that word.

you guys are so unhip it's a wonder your bums don't fall off

ANIMANGA: axis powers hetalia, code geass, death note, full metal panic, gundam 00, junjou romantica, macross frontier, pokemon, soul eater
TELEVISION: america's next top model, avatar: the last airbender, big bang theory, bones, the colbert report, csi, house, coffee prince, so you think you can dance?, star trek
author: michael crichton, sarah dessen, chuck palahniuk
series: harry potter, hitchhiker's guide, inheritance, (not twilight), lotr, narnia
COMICS & GAMES: bully, get fuzzy, honeysyn, kingdom hearts, sinfest, a softer world, starfighter, world of warcraft, xkcd

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